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Adrienne Boswell

Adrienne BoswellI am an independent distributor for Intra Products, and as of this writing, my child is 9 1/2 weeks old. My baby is a boy, and I named him Spane Anthony Boswell. This was the name that my parents would have given me if I had been a boy, and I always liked that name. I figure if the name Spane is causing too much teasing, my son can always use his middle name, right?

Spane - the New Years BabySpane was born on November 21, 2003. He weighed seven pounds, eleven ounces, and he was nineteen and three quarter inches long. He was also the loudest baby in the maternity ward. Right from the start, Spane has been a very good boy, intelligent and alert. Even on his first day out, he tried to hold up his head so he could see what was going on. This picture was taken just before New Years. Spane celebrated the New Year by toasting his bottle with my glass of Champagne. Next year, Spane will probably be asleep for the festivities.

Spane Anthony BoswellThis is an ultrasound of Spane taken on September 16, 2003. Apparently, Spane was none too happy about the procedure, because you can plainly see he is trying to punch out the doctor. Well, some people have said that his fingers show that he was getting ready to "give the finger" to the doctor.

Up until June of 2003, I was the web site administrator for in Glendale, California, and have been designing web sites for five years. I also do Search Engine Optimization consultation, and some personal sites on the side, when I get the time.

I am a member of the International Webmasters Association and the HTML Writer's Guild. If you happen to peruse Usenet, you will also see that I am a frequent contributor to various web site markup groups.

I am also involved to a certain extent in my community of Glendale, California. I have even been on television, albeit just the local government channel. But hey, a few seconds of fame, eh?

For those of you who would like to know my employment history, feel free to look at my resume.