Spane's Accomplishments

Fil-Am Kiwanis 5K Walk for Wellness

Spane is going to get tired on Saturday, September 22, 2007. We are going to the Fil-Am Kiwanis 5K Wellness Walk. We have to be there by 7:30 and start walking at 8:30am. Hope the boy goes to sleep on time Friday night!

USC Language Development Lab

Since joining Clubmom, I have been getting all sorts of interesting offers in the mail. One of them was from USC, about the Language Development Lab. I went to the website, and sent them an email saying I would be interested in Spane participating in the study.

We went to USC on the 20th of July, 2004 and got to the building in question. It was a very, very hot day, but Spane was a trooper and didn't complain at all. He just drank his formula and had a few corn puffs when we got there. The researchers put us in a dark room, with three lights. There was a red light to indicate that they were not doing research, and two yellow lights that flashed on and off, accompanied by some sounds. I wore headphones and listened to jazz, so I don't know what the sounds were, but Spane definately paid attention. It took all of about 5 minutes, but when we were done, Spane got a nice shirt saying the he Graduated USC Language Development Lab.

Olympic Torch Relay Ceremony

St. Sophia's Nave
Nave of St. Sophia in Los Angeles

St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Catherdral was host to part of the 2004 Olympic Torch relay was on June 16, 2004. Spane and I went, cheered the runner, Fr. John Bakas, and had a nice lunch. We met some nice Greek people, who happen to live in Glendale, and are relatives of the owner of the new Greek restaurant on Brand. When I gave Spane some bread with his lunch, the lady who was sitting next to me said, "He likes bread, he must be a Greek!", and I said, "No, he's Italian - almost same thing".

When I was living in Hollywood in 1984, I came out of my apartment to get some milk, having no idea that the torch runner was running down Santa Monica Boulevard, but I did see the flame.

Mom and Spane going to St Sophia
Mom & Spane going to St. Sophia wearing the Greek colours

My mother used to say that one day she was going to take me to the Greek Catherdral. My mother died when I was fifteen, and we never got a chance to go. It wasn't until Easter of 2004, when I was watching Hewell Howser on PBS that I found out the Greek Catherdral she was talking about was St. Sophia.

When I found out that the torch was going to be at St. Sophia's, I could not resist fullfilling my mother's promise. We got memorobelia, so Spane will have something later and he can tell people he was at the torch ceremony next time it comes to Los Angeles, which might be another 20 years.